LMFAO Get 'Refined' on 'Sorry For Party Rocking' Album

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LMFAO is, of course, not "Sorry For Party Rocking." But the dance duo's sophomore album is "more refined" and more experimental than its 2009 debut, "Party Rock."

"We were kind of experimenting on the first one. Now it's like we're more refined, in a sense," LMFAO's Redfoo (aka Stefan Gordy) tells Billboard.com about the set, which is slated for a June release. "It's a little more melodic and a little more dance-oriented. In the songs now we know that, 'OK, this is the part where everybody's gotta dance and this is the part where everybody puts their hands up.' We know what we're doing more."

Redfoo adds that the album's first single, "Party Rock Anthem" -- which features Lauren Bennett and GoonRock -- is "kind of a combination of the whole album in one song. You've got that beat and then you've got those kind of epic chords and some singing by GoonMob and Lauren Bennett." The song also spotlights shuffling, which Redfoo says is part of LMFAO's new focus on dance in general.

"Before we just kind of partied and had some personal moves," he notes, "but now there's dances that are out there that people are doing and shuffling is one that really caught my eye and it felt so good when I was doing it, so we just kind of made that song about shuffling."

The "Party Rock Anthem" video marks the first time Redfoo and his nephew SkyBlu (Skyler Gordy) used a choreographer, and Redfoo acknowledges that "now I'm definitely more conscious of how I'm dancing. But it's not, like, super choreography moves. We're not competing with Chris Brown or anything like that."

Redfoo says "Sorry For Party Rocking" was made with "a lot of the 'Party Rock' guys" and no real guests at the moment, though he notes that 'We've got to get Lil Jon back in the studio... and we're looking to get Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes on a track, but we've got a couple days to finish the stuff, so we don't know." LMFAO did work on some tracks with Pitbull, but those have been directed to his next album and not "Sorry For Party Rocking."

Regardless of who winds up on the set, however, Redfoo says fans will not find it too different from "Party Rock." "It's like the sequel or the third or fourth 'Star Wars' film; is there any dialogue that's different from the first one? Probably not," he explains. "It's centered around the party, around the club, and if we're talking about love, we're talking about a girl we met at the club, or something like that. It's definitely like a sequel. There's nothing about world peace or anything. But they're different takes, different perspectives."

Redfoo says LMFAO is "putting together" tour plans to support "Sorry For Party Rocking," likely support at first although the duo anticipates headline runs in Canada and the U.K., where "Party Rock Anthem" is off to a strong start. "We want to take our show to the next level," he says, "meaning just more, more, more. We're probably gonna hire some dancers and make a big show -- big-big, like Vegas style, a whole experience."