Death Cab For Cutie Premieres Live Music Video

Death Cab For Cutie Considering Tour With Orchestra

Death Cab For Cutie have pulled out all the stops for the video for new single "You Are a Tourist," the first-ever scripted, single-take music video production to be broadcast live as it is filmed. Before the Tim Nackashi-directed clip premiered on Tuesday (April 5) Death Cab guitarist/keyboardist Chris Walla checked in from a Hollywood soundstage to talk about the "bonkers" production set.

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"It's lots and lots of lights, there are a lot of people involved, and there are a lot of cameras. It's sort of like old world Broadway-come-Hollywood magic at the moment," Walla tells

Death Cab for Cutie To Live Broadcast Scripted Video for 'You Are A Tourist'

The idea for the "You Are a Tourist" video came from Aaron Stewart-Ahn, a frequent Death Cab collaborator who co-directed the 2008 video for "I Will Possess Your Heart." The alt-rock group didn't have a initial storyline in mind, but figured the inventive clip would be a great way to kick off the promo run for forthcoming seventh album "Codes and Keys," out May 31.

"Most of the time when you have an idea, somebody's already done it, and it really didn't seem like that was the case for this," says Walla. "So we needed to move on it if we wanted to do it."

Death Cab For Cutie will move on from the "You Are A Tourist" video with a spring tour that kicks off May 18 in Toronto.