2011 Billboard Music Awards Photos Page

  • Photos From the Show

    Rihanna, Britney, Nicki, Justin, U2, Taylor Swift... Whew! Photos of all the stars who walked, talked and rocked at the BBMAS.

  • Red Carpet Photo Gallery

    Fergie, Taylor Swift and Mary J. Blige are just a few of the huge names that walked the Billboard Music Awards "white" carpet.

  • Photos: Billboard Music Awards Behind The Scenes

    See the stars, stage, seats and more as Las Vegas' MGM Grand arena is transformed into the Billboard Music Awards.

  • Billboard Music Awards: Style of the Year

    From Rihanna's fiery outfits and Lady Gaga's meat dress to Katy Perry's colorful fashions and Nicki Minaj's pink couture - these were the looks that rocked the year.

  • 30 Memorable Moments From Past BBMAs

    Relive some of the best moments from the Billboard Music Awards during the '90s and '00s and see top pop stars like Britney and Rihanna evolve in our slideshow.