'American Idol': James Durbin, Scotty McCreery Spring Forward on Carole King Night
'American Idol': James Durbin, Scotty McCreery Spring Forward on Carole King Night

"American Idol" claimed its relevancy last week with a "Songs from the 21st Century" theme, but tonight, the show decided to hop back in the Delorean and dig into the catalog of classic pop songwriter Carole King. Now, don't get me wrong -- I love Carole King's hits as much as the next person -- but the night's decidedly retro vibe didn't necessarily translate into a "wow" moment for any of the top six. There were some really, really good moments, though, courtesy of season 10's two frontrunners. I'm looking at you, James Durbin and Scotty McCreery, who are so far ahead of the pack at this point that we might as well give four people the boot tomorrow night and skip ahead to the finale. Alas, rules are rules. Here's how everyone fared tonight, both as soloists and duet partners.

1) James Durbin
Song: Carole King, "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow"

Steven said: "I really liked the beginning of that… that's the first song I ever made out to a girl with. I was in a bowling alley, and no, Randy, I didn't strike out."

Jennifer said: "I thought from the beginning it was magical. Totally magical. And I have to say, you had me movin' up here for the first time all night."

Randy said: "Tonight, you weren't just a great rock singer. Tonight you proved that you're a great singer, and that's the most important thing… You know what I think, guys? This guy just might win the whole thing!"

We say
: Consistency is key on "American Idol," and no one's been more consistent than James Durbin this season. His song choices are clever and strategic week after week, and this one was no different, as he flipped a simply beautiful pop ballad into a fuzzed-out, mournful rock tune. Only Jacob Lusk can match James' sheer audacity when it comes to tackling high notes, but it's James who always hits them, and he has far more commercial appeal. I'm still on Team Scotty, but if James ends up winning the whole shebang, I won't be surprised.