Royal Wedding Playlist: Songs For Kate And William
Royal Wedding Playlist: Songs For Kate And William

A Royal Wedding Playlist
Songs For Kate & William

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"Your Love is King"


Sade Adu croons about a regal love in this quiet-storm classic. We're sure Kate knows exactly where she's coming from.

"Let's Get Married"

Jagged Edge

Adding some R&B flavor to this royal playlist, Jagged Edge crash the party with their hopelessly upbeat ode to getting hitched. Although not as memorable as their hit single "Where The Party At," there's something oddly sweet about an R&B collective craving matrimony and singing, "We ain't gettin' no younger, so we might as well do it!"

"Kiss the Bride"

Elton John

Elton John performed a stirring tribute to Prince William's mother, Princess Diana, with "Candle in the Wind," but we're happy to play this more upbeat track in anticipation of Will and Kate tying the knot. Of course, let's hope no one at the ceremony takes John's advice, objects to the union and tells Kate, "Don't say I do, say bye bye bye/And let me kiss the bride, yeah!"

"Like a Virgin"


We, of course, picked this song for the gorgeous white wedding dress Madonna sported during her infamous 1984 MTV Video Music Awards performance. Wait? What's the song about? Oh...

"Common People"


Arguably the high-water mark for 90s Britpop, "Common People" concept -- a well-to-do woman decides that she wants to "sleep with common people" like the male narrator -- is actually flipped on its head in the case of Will and Kate, since the Prince is marrying non-royalty. 16 years after this hit single was released and long after Britpop has expired, romance is still blurring class lines in the U.K.

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