Billboard Music Awards Style of the Year 2011
Billboard Music Awards Style of the Year 2011

Billboard Music Awards: Style of The Year


A memory-searing spectacle of looks lit up the music landscape this year, along with a few that fizzled. As the Billboard Music Awards approaches, we chart the era of the meat dress, and other prime cuts.

Everything Lady Gaga wore this past year -- including the infamous meat she draped herself in at the MTV video Music Awards, and the giant egg she emerged from at the Grammys -- was, at the very least, something to look at. Or eat, perhaps, if you had been trapped in a Chilean mine long enough.

For pop stars, it was a year of fashion extremes. From the hourglass curves and Little Mermaid hair on Katy Perry to the alien brain/coral formation wigs on Nicki Minaj to the fashion non-statements made by Susan Boyle, a lot of eye candy competed for the attention of music lovers. Unsurprisingly, the game belonged to Lady Gaga, the gravitational core of the music world's visual information, around whom all others were thrown into a reactionary orbit.