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Lonely Island's 'Turtleneck' and 'Matthew Morrison': The Fans Weigh In

Lonely Island's 'Turtleneck' and 'Matthew Morrison': The Fans Weigh In

When the Lonely Island's "Turtleneck and Chain" and Matthew Morrison's self-titled debut hit stores this week, offered our Twitter-length track-by-track reviews of each album, then we asked fans of the comedy trio and "Glee" star to send us their own 140-character reviews on Twitter, using the hashtags #bblonelyisland or #bbbmrschue.

Lonely Island Headed for Top Billboard 200 Debut

Who gave the most interesting feedback in a single tweet? Check out the top fan reviews below:

The Lonely Island, "Turtleneck and Chain"

(Read our Track-by-Track Review here)

@CSACTM: I think TN&C has all types of sounds and style, plus it makes you laugh! Great album with a extra shirt. :)

@panggih_ka: if you turn ur music player ON along with 'Turtleneck and Chain' on it, don't blame if it'll turn you ON #bblonelyisland

@bellavalentine2: What I love most about watching Andy Samberg's digital shorts is "watching." The music is often incidental #bblonelyisland


"I THREW IT ON THE GROUND!!!!!" #bblonelyisland & #bbmrschue


Matthew Morrison, "Matthew Morrison"

(Read our Track-by-Track Review here)

@disisyna: @matt_morrison's new album should really be called Summer Fail by Matthew No1Currison. He should stick to Bway. #bbmrschue

@cluong4: #bbmrschue he's trying too hard to try & please everyone - glee fans, the industry, himself - the album comes out a scattered mess...he also needs better guidance when it comes to songwriting - that's for SURE!

@hausofcalderone: I can find more artistic merit and talent in a Heidi Montag album.


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