Lady Gaga's 'Marry the Night' Premieres on FarmVille Game Spin-Off: Listen

Lady Gaga's 'Marry the Night' Premieres on FarmVille Game Spin-Off: Listen

Another new Lady Gaga track has hit the web -- "Marry the Night," a loving disco paean to nightlife that made its debut Tuesday (May 17) on the newly launched, limited-edition Internet game, GagaVille.

"Marry the Night" opens with Gaga singing earnestly over hazy organ synths, "I'm gonna marry the night/I won't give up on my life/I'm a warrior queen, live passionately tonight," and quickly surges to a frenzied, ecstatic dance beat. "Nothing's too cruel to take me from you/New York is not just a tenant you'll never lose," Gaga swoons on the bridge. "Love is the new denim or black/Skeleton guns or wedding bells in the attic."

"Marry the Night" made its debut on GagaVille -- a limited-edition game created by Zynga and based on its wildly popular game, FarmVille, which launched today and will be active until Thursday. The multi-pronged collaboration allows little monsters to interact with a Lady Gaga-inspired "farm" and unlock new songs from the pop icon's upcoming album, via music streams powered by Clear Channel's digital radio service, iHeartRadio.

Video: Lady Gaga goes to FarmVille

Lady Gaga's 'Hair' Hits iTunes: Listen

The song's unveiling comes just a day after another single, "Hair," became Gaga's fourth "Born This Way" track to hit iTunes, as part of a Complete My Album campaign ahead of the set's release next Monday (May 23).

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