'The Voice': Cee Lo Gets Emotional, Blake Shelton Hosts a Train Wreck

'The Voice': Cee Lo Gets Emotional, Blake Shelton Hosts a Train Wreck

Was Cee Lo Green really brought to tears over having to decide who to cut loose? It certainly appeared that way Tuesday night (May 24) when the Thompson sisters -- oh, why can't they be twins? -- were selected over Kelsey Rey, as the four coaches add their third members to their teams. A nice, cute performance by the three women as the judges pointed out, but nothing to make it more distinguished than the final round of a karaoke tournament.

Cee Lo probably made the right decision in picking the less-experienced, more malleable Tori and Taylor Thompson. So, too, with Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton, both of whom selected singers who understood the coaches' direction, delivered their songs with control and exhibited some sharp stage presence.

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Adam Levine took a flyer on on Devon Barley over Rebecca Loebe, sort of like hitting on 16 when the dealer is showing at eight in blackjack. (Sorry, four days in Las Vegas will do that to you). Loebe had total command of Radiohead's "Creep," which she and Barley delivered in one of the most arresting duets in the competition. Levine was clearly impressed with Barley's growth from being unsure about a song he didn't know into worthy competitor against Loebe, who was singing one of her favorite songs. She is a talent who deserves more attention.

Aguilera had it comparatively easy. The spunky 16-year-old Raquel Castro, the youngest competitor remaining, was a knock-out in her performance of Rihanna's "Only Girl (In the World)," cruising past the more-restrained Julia Eason. Eason probably has more character in her voice, but Castro is the full package.

Shelton's wild idea of having Holland-Dozier-Holland's "You Can't Hurry Love" determine whether to keep Dia Frampton or Serabee turned into a "Gong Show"-worthy performance. Neither singer understood the song, how to deliver it or even how to move to the tune. Frampton, who got the nod, was too timid, Serabee too aggressive. Shelton gave Serabee advice she did not heed - "keep the confidence up, the tricks down" - and that probably led to her dismissal. It's amazing that it took three weeks in to finally wind up with a trainwreck.

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