'The Voice' Debuts Live with Team Aguilera Vs. Team Shelton
'The Voice' Debuts Live with Team Aguilera Vs. Team Shelton


5) Jared Blake
Song: Kings of Leon, "Use Somebody"

Judgment: Shelton wondered if the shaved-head father of six was more country or rock-leaning, and at the end of Jared's performance, it was determined that he's a rock star. Our take: he strikes rock-star poses, but in a way that does not feel natural and his appeal may be too much of a niche. End of the line.

6) Dia Frampton
Song: Kanye West, "Heartless"

Judgment: The coaches were floored by her piano-ballad version of this song, with Green promising to phone West to get him to tune in, and Levine calling it the "most unique, refreshing" performance yet on the show. It was great and personal, but may be too subtle for some. For artistry's sake, she deserves to move forward.

7) Xenia
Song: Jessie J, "Price Tag"

Judgment: Jessie J's bouncy ditty forced Xenia to come out of her shell, which she did -- a little. Shelton was so proud that he hugged her and declared, "America is watching a star being born." The song brought out some interesting tonal qualities in Xenia's voice, but she lacks the wow factor that every member of Aguilera team possesses.

8) Patrick Thomas
Song: Lee Ann Womack, "I Hope You Dance"

Judgment: Pick your reason to find him adorable: He's singing a song for his sister, or he's so polite that he actually shies away from Xtina's flirtatious praise. His voice is pretty good, and Shelton decided Thomas looked classy and made "country music proud." Paging Scotty McCreery. Your passenger is waiting.