Lady Gaga Launches Tumblr, Debuts 'Panda' Look in Japan
Lady Gaga Launches Tumblr, Debuts 'Panda' Look in Japan

After garnering 11 million Twitter followers and 39 million 'Like's on Facebook, Lady Gaga has spread her online prowess to Tumblr by launching her own account, titled "Amen Fashion," late Monday night (June 27).

Gaga has issued seven posts thus far, sharing a mix of lyrics, candid photos and pictures of herself in Versace and Hatra outfits. Since the Tumblr's launch, each post on "Amen Fashion" -- which refers to the "Born This Way" bonus track "Black Jesus † Amen Fashion" -- have received at least 1,700 notes.

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While Lady Gaga showcases her more artistic side on the Tumblr, the pop star, who recently performed in Tokyo for Japan Aid, posted part of a recent TV interview in Japan on her Twitter account on Tuesday. In the clip, Gaga discusses the joy of staying at home and cooking pasta while wearing black eyeshadow and her hair in a pair of blonde puffs; the singer referred to the look at "GagaPanda!" on Twitter. Watch the clip here:

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