Coheed and Cambria Bassist Out of Band

Coheed and Cambria Bassist Out of Band

Just weeks after his bizarre arrest for armed robbery of a pharmacy, bassist Michael Todd is officially out of prog-rockers Coheed and Cambria, the band announced on Thursday (Aug. 4). The group called the move a "mutual decision" in a statement on their blog.

"After a lot of thought, introspection and discussion, Coheed and Cambria will be continuing our journey without bassist Michael Todd," they said. "We have spoken to him and this is a mutual decision between both parties. Michael was a great contributor; our hearts go out to his family and to all those who appreciate his talents."

Todd, known as Mic to fans, was arrested July 10 and taken into custody in Attleboro, Mass. on charges he confronted a pharmacist with a bomb threat in a ploy to acquire the powerful and addictive pain drug, Oxycontin.

Six bottles were handed over and Todd was then seen taking a cab to the Comcast Center in nearby Mansfield where Coheed and Cambria were set to open for Soundgarden.

Instead of warming up the crowd of grunge fans, Todd was arrested and charged with armed robbery and possession of a class B controlled substance.

Todd's temporary replacement is Wes Styles, whom the band thanks in the statement. "A new chapter awaits," they say.