Video: Foster The People Talk 'Pumped Up Kicks' Success, New Single, Touring

Foster the People, Lollapalooza, August 2011.

Indie pop-trio Foster The People, who rocked Lollapalooza with a notable Neil Young cover this past weekend, stopped by the backstage Billboard tent at Lolla to discuss what they're working on and the weirdest place they've ever heard their hit track "Pumped Up Kicks." Watch our video interview below.

The group has been together since for about two years, but its first and only album, "Torches," just dropped a few months ago, in May 2011. "It does feel really good to be settled," said vocalist and self-proclaimed "seed" of the band, Mark Foster. "You know, it feels good to have a record out now for a couple months, have people be familiar with it, and be able to play sold-out shows. It's been a good year for us."

Foster the People Attracts Hipsters, Moms with 'Pumped Up Kicks'

The second single off of "Torches" dropped last month, and the band will be riding their current album for the rest of the year. "We just started our next single, 'Helena Beat' -- that's out. We just put a music video out for it like two weeks ago. So that's the next thing," Foster said. "And it's gonna be pretty much touring for the rest of the year for us, and then be able to start working on our second record somewhere around January."

Reporting by Lisa Binkert, Chicago.