Coldplay: The band, onstage and off
Chris and guitar.

Let's talk about some specific songs. "Major Minus" is a real beast and sort of keeps the listener off-guard.

Should that go on, then?

In my opinion it should. Why, is it one you think might not make it?

I don't know; at the moment there's about four different incarnations in the track listing, and it's four very different [ones]. I remember on our first album, we went to Paris and a guy had a version of "Parachutes" that was in a different order, and he basically said, "this album is so depressing." So I was like, "oh fuck," and we changed the sequencing around to make it a bit more optimistic. And at the moment we have a group of songs there's sort of three different routes from beginning to end, and I'm a little bit lost today on what to leave off.

Performing "Major Minus" Live

Personally I would hope "Major Minus" is not one that's left off.

I don't think we'll leave that one off, because it's supposed to be a sort of villainous, dark piece. The baddie. The Bond villain, an Orwellian thing. It came from reading "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy.

There's almost a feeling of paranoia there.

Very much so. It's the idea of two people running away from a Kafka environment, or an Orwellian thing.

That song and other new ones seemed to fit nicely alongside the older material at Glastonbury.

Glastonbury to us is kind of Mecca. All our songs are almost designed to be played there.

I guess one risk of playing songs live early in the process is you might mess up on them, as you did on "Us Against the World" at Glastonbury, a real beauty.

We just finished the mix of that today with Spike [engineer Mark Stent]. That's a keeper, for sure. We did f*ck that up in Glastonbury.