LMFAO Become 'Party Gods,' Praise Ke$ha's Makeout Skills: Video

LMFAO, Billboard Summer Blowout, August 2011.

LMFAO's six-week run atop the Hot 100 may have (at least temporarily) come to an end with Katy Perry's historic ascendance to No. 1 this week, but the party boys are still loving life as their single "Party Rock Anthem" continues to rule the summer. Check out Redfoo and SkyBlu talking about their recent success -- and making out onstage with their current tourmate, Ke$ha -- backstage at the Billboard Summer Blowout last week.

"This whole thing has been just a combination of what we want," says Redfoo of "Party Rock Anthem's" slow rise to the top of the charts, "and that was one of the things: to be No. 1 doing the music that we love! And we feel like everybody is a part of our dream -- our wet dream."

LMFAO: The Billboard Cover Story

While "Party Rock Anthem" has helped LMFAO expand its audience and grace the cover of Billboard earlier this month, the pair has also been responsible for the spread of the shuffle, their signature dance featured in the song's music video.

"To us, it's an expression. I mean, it's the happiest dance in the world!" says RedFoo. "One time we were doing interviews -- we did two interviews in a row, and we shuffled in one of the interviews. And the next interview was way better because we just felt happy! And we were like, 'We gotta shuffle before everything we do!' So we wake up, and we just shuffle, and it makes your day even better."

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