Justin Bieber Announces Christmas Album For Charity

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If Christmas weather usually leaves you cold, you'll be saved this year by Bieber Fever: Justin Bieber has announced on Twitter that he's working on a Christmas album set for this Winter holiday season.

The "Never Say Never" singer says he's "been in the studio doing something special for Christmas" and if that's not enough, he's doing it all for charity. Bieber's even letting the fans in on the action: He's asking fans to name the album and to send him their ideas via Twitter.

This isn't the first time Justin has taken his talents to charity. He contributed to "We Are The World 25" last year and has supported Give Back Hollywood, Jumpstart and the Children's Miracle Network, among others. There's no word yet on which charity will be the lucky recipient of the proceeds, or when the album will be released.

Got some name ideas for the album? Sound off in the comments below.