Joe Jonas Breaks From His Bros, Gears Up for Tour With Jay Sean

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Joe Jonas and Jay Sean won't commit to performing together when the two hit the road Sept. 6 in Boston for an 18-date North American tour. "There's something to be said for surprises and not giving anything way," Sean told reporters during a conference call to promote the co-headlining run.

But the idea of creating some music together does intrigue both artists.

"I think it would be awesome to come up with something on the road," Jonas said. "There's a studio bus I've used in the past. I can see getting on the road and us creating music together. I think that I'd definitely be open to doing something." Sean added that, "I never say no to something. You never know unless you try... All I know is we're definitely going to have a lot of fun on the road, so who knows?"

Regardless of what they do together, Jonas and Sean with both have plenty of new music to offer fans during the tour. Jonas' first solo album, "FastLife," comes out after the trek, on Oct. 11, but he's already released the Chris Brown-featuring first single, "See No More," and leaked a bit of another song, "Just Love." He told that he'll be "relying on YouTube" clips of early tour performances to help familiarize fans with the new material -- as well as a Jonas Brothers medley that will be part of his shows. "Playing new music, people are going to be listening to it," Jonas added. "It's gonna be more watching than anything. Luckily with our day and age people are able to learn lyrics online from YouTube rather than having to steal it, which is always nice."

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Jonas described "FastLife" as "a bit more urban, hip-hop and dance stuff I've never really done with my brothers. I was able to go in a different route and try some new sounds." Lyrically, he said, he tried to "challenge be more honest in my lyrics and taking that bigger leap." Jonas said he worked on the album with a number of different producers, including Nate "Danja" Hills, and he also alluded to guest collaborations that he's keeping "under wraps" for now but promised they'd be revealed "sooner rather than later."

Jonas says that "timing" allowed him to work on "FastLife" outside of the sibling trio. "It seemed like an appropriate time for all of us to take off" from the group, he said. Jonas worked on the album for a year, explaining that, "I wanted to spend a little more time in the studio and discover something..I've always been intrigued to go on my own path to create something different I've always been into kind of dance music and electro music, hip-hop music. Once I found the time, I was excited to go for it. Luckily my brothers have been very supportive, and I'm pumped to release this content."

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As for the Jonas Brothers, Joe predicted that the group would probably work together again "in the next two years. It could be six months, it could be two years. It all depends on the success of this album and how far it will carry out."

Jay Sean, meanwhile, will have one new release for the tour -- a mixtape called "The Mistress" that comes out Sept. 6 -- while his fourth studio album, "Freeze Time," is due out later this year. " 'Freeze Time' should be called 'Too Much Time,' to be honest," Sean cracked about the follow-up to 2009's "All or Nothing." "It's my fourth album, so I wanted to get it right. I wanted it to sound like a combination of songs that is timely now, today. I didn't want it to get dated. While I was making it music was changing so much. I didn't want to just have an album full of music that was just recent." He said the set will have "uptempo, uplifting, positive songs...We've got that pop element in there, and also the heavy R&B backbone which is really my roots...'Freeze Time' is going to be a mixture of pop and dance and R&B." Pitbull is the only guest he mentioned, on a song he described as "absolutely a club smash."

He considers "The Mistress" "a passion project" that he "could put out in the meantime for the fans to say thank you for the wait" for "Freeze Time." "It's not geared towards the charts or radio or fitting the current climate," Sean adds. "It's more of a grown-up project, a little bit more explicit, very, very super honest lyrics based around a theme of promiscuity, love, sex, love triangles." "The Mistress" features Lupe Fiasco on "a neo soul sound...a whole different type of sound America hasn't heard from me."