Tom Tom Club Plotting Fall Release for 30th Anniversary

Tom Tom Club Plotting Fall Release for 30th Anniversary

In the midst of its 30th anniversary celebration, the Talking Heads spinoff the Tom Tom Club is working on new music.

"We're a little behind schedule on it," confesses drummer Chris Frantz, who put the Tom Tom Club together with his wife, bassist and vocalist Tina Weymouth, and used a rotating cast of musicians through its five studio albums. "We were hoping to have something out by the fall. We'll make it, but it might be late fall rather than early fall." And Frantz doesn't expect a full-scale album release that would be Tom Tom Club's first since "The Good, the Bad and the Funky" in 2000.

"We're not really thinking in terms of albums anymore. We're thinking in terms of singles and EPs, and if we have enough EPs that sound good, then we'll put them together for an album," he explains. "It seems like most people are just interested in hearing a good song these days." Frantz adds that whatever the group produces will be released digitally and on vinyl only. "Kids today really like vinyl, and I do, too. We still have turntables -- in fact, we have quite a few of them around the house. And vinyl you can sell; people can't download it -- not yet, anyway."

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Frantz says the Tom Tom Club's new material includes a remake of "Love Tape" by the Spanish electronica group the Pinker Tones, which was recorded for a tribute album for that band. Frantz and Weymouth are currently putting together a third song, which he feels will "be enough for an EP" and an eventual release. Other songs, meanwhile, might surface via "another entity, which we haven't really figured out, exactly, although we're thinking of calling it Chris Und Tina. Not everything we do is appropriate for Tom Tom Club. When people think of Tom Tom Club, they expect something dancey and bright, and some of our stuff is darker than that."

As for the group turning 30, Frantz says that, "It's been a good run. We still have very fond feelings and...fantastic memories about our humble beginnings and how much fun we had making those records. And we continue. We always thought Talking Heads was, like, the mothership and that we would continue with that. Who knew that 30 years later, Tom Tom Club would still be going and Talking Heads is not."

And Frantz says neither he nor Weymouth are holding their breaths for that situation to change. "It would be great if that did happen, but it seems like our singer (David Byrne) is fairly entrenched in his belief that his solo career is better than anything he could do with Talking Heads, so that's that. We regret that...but we're very happy to continue with Tom Tom Club."