Women Movers and Shakers Rocket Up K-Pop 100 Chart

Davichi Makes History, Boy Bands Rise on the K-Pop Hot 100

This week's K-Pop Hot 100 chart prize goes to Davichi. The dynamic female duo first entered the chart last week with their newly released single "Don't Say Goodbye" at No. 21; however, within one week Davichi was able to nab the top spot on the Hot 100 for the third week of September. In addition to their No. 1 single, the girls also secured positions 11 and 20 with their songs "Love My Love" and "Do Not Find Me Again," respectively. The latter track made the highest jump this week going from 79-20. Joining Davichi in the list of charted women artists are the five young ladies of Girl's Day ("Don't Let Your Eyes Wander" at No. 14), solo artist G.NA ("Top Girl" at No. 4), and the five girls of KARA ("STEP" at No. 24). Billboard has gathered a list of the women "movers and shakers" on this week's K-Pop Hot 100 chart.


Davichi: "Don't Say Goodbye" (No. 1)

Davichi's meteoric rise on the charts would be envied by almost any K-Pop artist. The female duo released their EP "Love Delight" at the beginning of last week and in less than two weeks Davichi has reached the pinnacle of the K-Pop Hot 100 singles chart. Davichi's 2008 debut album was a huge success with hit tracks such as "Love and War," "Hurry Hurry" and "Time, Please Stop." They have picked up right where they left off with three of the five tracks on their current EP taking up nest in the top 30. "Don't Say Goodbye," the title track, is a medium-tempo pop ballad accompanied by strings and piano and speaks about a woman lamenting the imminent breakup with her lover. When asked about the recent success of this track, the two women commented, "We tried to create a love song that could be enjoyed by listeners of all ages, not just youngsters. We believe the lyrics and melody have the power to bring back painful but cherished memories of past loves."

G.NA: "Top Girl" (No. 4)

It has been only one year since her debut, but the female solo artist G.NA (pronounced "Gina") is knocking on stardom's door. G.NA first rose to fame with her song "Black and White" released this past January and has followed up the effort with her second mini album "Top Girl." The title track by the same name, "Top Girl," has quickly climbed the ranks to claim a spot within Billboard's K-Pop Hot 100 chart. "Top Girl" is an upbeat dance pop song about a confident, independent woman sitting on top of the world. G.NA, who is known for her overtly sexy performances, wrote the lyrics of this track with the help of talented singer-songwriter Wheesung. G.NA was born in Canada where she resided until graduating high school. Her nearly flawless English and international background will surely come in handy and she prepares to take her music abroad.

Girl's Day: "Don't Let Your Eyes Wander!" (No. 14)

Girl's Day, a group of five ladies, is continuing the girl group boom started by the girls of SISTAR. Girls' Day has reached the 14 spot on the K-Pop Hot 100 with its digital single album, "Girl's Day Party #4," which was released digitally through music websites last Friday, Sept. 2. This digital album contains two tracks, "Don't Let Your Eyes Wander!" and a club remix of the same song. This dance track shows off the group's innocent yet adorable charm as they sing warnings to their boyfriends to stop their eyes from wandering. Team rapper Jihae's buoyant rhyme is a welcome change to this otherwise repetitive song. Girl's Day's members are leader Sojin, rapper Jihae, and vocalists Mina, Yura and Hyeri.

KARA: "STEP" (No. 24)

One of the major faces of the K-Pop movement in Japan, the five member girl group KARA has returned to their homeland to release a new album. The title track, "STEP," entered the chart at an astounding No. 24 just one day after its release, a fact which bodes very well for KARA's top 10 chart positioning on next week's chart. "STEP" is a synth-pop track that combines elements of rock and electronic. As the name suggests, "STEP" is a sunny anthem of encouragement for those who are facing a tough reality but strive to "step" forward everyday to reach their goals. KARA became a K-Pop icon for its signature dance move, the fabulously named "ass dance," and is poised to repeat its success with the hip-centric dance moves shown in the music video here. KARA has enjoyed as much success in Japan as it has in Korea, several times topping the Japan Hot 100 chart with Japanese versions of KARA's songs. There are many great things lying ahead for these five superstars.