2017 BET Awards

21 Under 21: Mindless Behavior (2011)

21 Under 21: Mindless Behavior (2011)

No. 16. Mindless Behavior

Birthdates: Prodigy - Dec. 26, 1996; Ray Ray - Jan. 6, 1997; Princeton -April 21, 1997; Roc Royal - July 23, 1997 (All age 14)

Why They're Hot: Some boy bands are only boys in the metaphorical sense. Mindless Behavior, however, is a slick, baby-faced R&B quartet that boasts no members old enough to shave. But these 14 year olds aren't shy about crooning for the ladies, and they know how to get attention doing it. The group was crafted via a casting call by Conjunction Entertainment Inc. CEO Walter Millsap and Streamline Records head Vincent Herbert, then signed by Interscope Records chairman Jimmy Iovine. With Willow Smith's producer JukeBox on deck, Mindless Behavior not only managed to get its weeks-old debut album, "#1 Girl," a positive review in the New York Times, send their very first single, "My Girl," into the top 40 of Billboard's R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and score nearly one million fans on Facebook.

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