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Best of Andy Rooney: Lady Gaga Who?

Best of Andy Rooney: Lady Gaga Who?

We're just now absorbing the news that Andy Rooney will rant no more following this Sunday's edition of "60 Minutes," so in celebration of 33 years of curmudgeon-y goodness, let's revisit one of his crankiest moments in recent memory.

Back on May 9, 2010, the then-91-year-old commentator started complaining that "as a dead center, average American," he should be able to follow and even enjoy the popular music of the day. But alas, after flipping through a copy of Billboard Magazine, Rooney was smacked with bizarre names of whippersnappers he'd never heard of. Sting and the Rolling Stones he had covered, but these new hit-makers made him feel like an outsider in his own country.

"The singers I know have been replaced by Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Usher … I mean, who?" he mused. "They're selling millions of songs by singers that I've never heard of, and that must mean I'm out of the American mainstream -- and definitely not average."

The bigger picture, he told viewers from his cluttered office set, was that age "doesn't separate us in other areas" of society. "We all like comfort, beauty, ice cream on a sunny day, a win for our favorite team."

But in true Rooney fashion, he tagged his tele-column by coming to terms. "I don't know who Lady Gaga is, and kids today probably don't know who Ella Fitzgerald is. Maybe we should call it even."

Do you have a fave Rooney rant? After Sunday there will have been 1,097 to choose from dating back to 1978. According to the AP, his first essay was about car fatalities during the July 4th weekend. Other grumpy moments from Cranky McCrankerson include gems on models, the cost of movies and his frustrations with round-the-wrist timepieces (yes, watches).