South Park's 15 Most Memorable Music Moments
South Park's 15 Most Memorable Music Moments

Michael Jackson ... We Mean 'Jefferson' (2004)

In Season 8, a new neighbor -- "Mr. Jefferson" -- started wreaking havoc on the South Park boys by acting like Peter Pan and not taking care of his son, Blanket. The subtle shots at Jackson's persona also included scenes of him sleeping in the same bed as prepubescent boys -- not a good look for the King of Pop.

Justin Bieber Killed by 'The Coon' (2010)

In the last installment of a four-episode arc, the Coon and Friends 'superheroes' take on their "most challenging and most evil opponent" -- Justin Bieber -- to save America: the result is deadly.

Britney Loses Her Head (2008)

The 'South Park' gang loves to kick celebs when they're down, but the boys actually stood up for Britney Spears when she was going through her meltdown. Well, sort of. After the stressed-out Brit blows off her own head in the episode "Britney's New Look," she is still forced to perform at the VMA Awards, much to the dismay of Kyle and Stan. (How'd they get those seats, anyway?)

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