A Look Inside the 'K-Pop Cover Dance' Trend
A Look Inside the 'K-Pop Cover Dance' Trend

Girl Groups: Girl's Generation, Miss A, and Kara

Girl's Generation

The girls of Girl's Generation became an Asian music sensation with their combination of cute yet seductive dance choreography and simple yet catchy beats. Girl's Generation's initial success began with the release of their first EP, "The First Mini Album - Gee" and the girls have continued to make consecutive dance hits with songs like, "Tell Me Your Wish Genie," and "Oh!", enticing viewers with their attractive figures and addictive dances. One of Girl's Generation's signature moves can be seen in the "Hoot" music video that has the girls imitating the shooting motion of a bow and arrow.

Miss A

JYP, the production company of Wonder Girls, also launched the girl group Miss A and the girls have been quick to reach success with their first title song, "Bad Girl, Good Girl", where the girls show off their acrobatic dancing abilities. In addition, Miss A's seductive dancing while sprawled on the floor in their newest single "Good-bye Baby" has ultimately brought them to the top. This song is ranked at No. 59 on the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 chart this week.


One of K-Pop's most visible faces abroad secured their first No. 1 ranking on Japan's Oricon music chart with their booty dancing in their hit song, "Mister." With their tightly cropped shirts and baggy pants, the girls were able to further emphasize their hip-centric movement. Also, in their second title song, "Honey", Kara gained a huge following with their "honey-licking" dance. Kara's new single, "STEP" is ranked at No. 8 on Billboard's K-Pop Hot 100 this week.