18 Bands Ripe For A Reunion
18 Bands Ripe For A Reunion

The Replacements (1979-1991)

WHO WERE THEY?: Their rollicking rock mixed with turn-of-the-decade post-punk leanings cemented the Replacements as a must-see (if notoriously raucous) live band in the alternative '80s. Records like 1984's "Let It Be" and 1987's "Pleased To Meet Me" laid the groundwork for many bands to come, including Green Day to Gaslight Anthem. Intra-band tension simmered for years, and the band came to a halt after the release of 1990's" All Shook Down" and a farewell tour that was capped by a last gig at Chicago's Grant Park on July 4, 1991. The death of founding guitarist Bob Stinson in 1995 dashed hopes of any future original-lineup reformation.

BIGGEST BILLBOARD HIT: The group scored two top 10s on the Alternative Songs chart, including

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