Jenna Ushkowitz on 'Glee' Rumors, Ratings & Future: 'Tina's Time Will Come'
Jenna Ushkowitz on 'Glee' Rumors, Ratings & Future: 'Tina's Time Will Come'

This season Tina's fashion has changed a bit from before. Were you part of that decision or the thinking behind it?
It was an evolution. It started with the idea that we weren't going to do blue hair anymore. I had this blonde at the bottom of my hair and I asked them if I could keep it and they said yes. I was going to do blue with it, but then I said you know what, it's been two years now. Her freshman and sophomore year she's worn it. I don't think any teenager stays the same from year to year. I thought of it as growth. In Season 2 she went from that punky thing to more leather and corsets, to now a little more retro and a little more grown up.

Did you have a similar growth period as a high schooler?
Totally. We wore uniforms in class, but outside of school I went from sparkles and stars and butterfly clips to senior year Hollister, Abercombie prep girl.

We asked fans what they wanted to know and the overwhelmingly top question was do you want Artie and Tina back together and how should they get back together?
I would love for Tina and Mike to live out his senior year together, but considering that Tina and Artie are both juniors and will be together next year and sort of just have each other at this point, I would love to see them at the end try and rekindle something that they lost. I think it needs to be done in due time, but yes, I would love if Tina and Artie got back together. I think we never got that full shot to have that. It was always drama and fighting.


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Kevin McHale

Harry Shum Jr.

It was just announced that Chord Overstreet might be back soon. Have you heard anything about that?
We actually are on set and we just saw it online. We kind of stay away from the online unless we hear it from Ryan Murphy or Brad Ellis' mouth. That's great if he does come back, but we have no idea if that's happening. I don't think anyone has spoken to him yet. Everybody was on their Twitter at the same time like, "What is happening?"

Do you track each other online?
Not really. I don't think anybody likes to hear things about themselves. We try to stay away from that stuff because we don't know if it's true. We'll ask, if it's actually really huge, but otherwise we stay away from that because it's just silly.

You've been on Broadway, you've done Glee for 3 years, what do you want to do next?
It's funny, the only thing I haven't really done so far is movies. I've got the music and TV thing from "Glee," I've done Broadway. I'd love to try out on the movie scene. And I don't know, I haven't found a sound for myself yet, but I'd love to try music for a personal thing, not just a "Glee" thing.

Do you have any sort of sound or artists you take as personal inspiration?
Everything, but particularly for my sound Florence and the Machine, Kelly Clarkson, Lady Gaga, Sara Bareilles -- it's a lot of that women diva songwriters. Pink, I love Pink. A little alternative, a little pop.

Do you play any instruments?
I've dabbled in piano, dabbled. One thing I'd love to do is take piano lessons and I'd love to start writing, but I just don't know how to do that with all the free time we don't have.

Is it hard to make time for projects with Glee happening?
We have to be really passionate about it and really care about it to go to Ryan and say, "I want to do this, please let me out of three episodes to go do this." But they're really great with this, they're really good at giving us time. Darren (Criss) is going to do "How To Succeed" and Lea (Michele) went to do New Year's Eve. They want us to succeed and want us to do other things, but I wouldn't ask unless it was something I really care about.

You're from the New York area… Is there anything on Broadway now that you'd like to be in?
I'm trying to think what's on right now, it's so weird not to know what's around. I've always wanted to be in "Avenue Q," and that's off Broadway so I could do that. I've always wanted to do "RENT" too.

Who's your dream "RENT" role?
Either Maureen or Joanne. Maureen's songs are so great.

What kind of TV or movie roles would you like to pursue?
I'm willing to do anything, really, but for me it's not about a specific role as it is the versatility of it and the arc of it. It has to have a great start and finish. The next thing I want to do is something totally different from Tina. I'm totally different form her, and I'd love to show a different side so people don't get stuck thinking I am Tina Cohen-Chang. Darker roles are really fun to me, maybe an action film, or a really good indie with great actors. It's just a matter of finding the whole combination of who you're working with and where you're coming from.