'X Factor' Goes Live, Final 12 Acts Picked
'X Factor' Goes Live, Final 12 Acts Picked

Each episode, "X Factor" continues to surprise, and this week was no different. Two weeks ago, the show's schedule was rearranged for baseball and last week, Simon eliminated Melanie Amaro, only to quickly bring her back after realizing his mistake. On last night's episode -- the first of the live shows -- Fox announced that five contestants would be eliminated, rather than the expected two.

With one out of four contestants (and two out of five in the Girls category) going home last night, the performers had to give it their all, because one mistake could be the end.

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First up was the Boys category, starting with 14-year-old rapper Astro (formerly Brian Bradley) who performed an original song, rapping about the new generation of hip-hop, "X Factor," and having L.A. Reid on his side. Astro's performances had been getting weaker, but he redeemed himself with this one.

Video: Astro's first live "X Factor" performance

The next performer in the Boys category was Chris Rene, singing "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" by