'Glee' Guest Stars Wish List & New Cast We'll Meet Soon
'Glee' Guest Stars Wish List & New Cast We'll Meet Soon

The Graduates -- We Want You Back!

Jon Groff (Jesse St. James) -- Sure, Glee may be trying to bring in a new student villain to replace him now that he's grown up, but the original is always the best (plus, we wouldn't put it past St. James to make a move on Blaine just to shake up the competition.)

Likelihood of Return: Confirmed! -- Groff will be back in a few episodes as the coach of his Alma mater, Vocal Adrenaline. Apparently half a semester of college and a swoon-worthy hair is all you need to coach high school glee.

Gwyneth Paltrow (Holly Holiday) -- We know, color us shocked that we actually want Paltrow back on "Glee." Before her first appearance it was dreaded, but she's definitely earned her place as a worthwhile character for the show. For one, she's the only substitute we know that exists in the universe and those McKinley teachers have to get sick sometime.

Likelihood of Return: Medium -- Her storyline with Will was dealt with last season, but the PR bump from such and A-list appearance would be great for "Glee," plus she picked up a Emmy for her work.

Kristin Chenoweth (April Rhodes) -- We now know that her Broadway music, "The Rhodes Not Taken" was a smash success and led to a Tony award for the leading man role Will forsook to stay with New Directions, but we think a visit back to Lima is due for April.

Likelihood of Return: High -- She's a classic voice on the show who's had extended storylines. Chenoweth may be be busy with her own album release and another TV show, but if Mike O'Malley can make the time, Chenoweth certainly can.

Neil Patrick Harris (Bryan Ryan) -- Will's high school rival came on the show to crush the students dreams (just like his had been crushed in a post-high school performance world) and is eventually shown the light thanks to Will sacrificing his community theater production role in Les Mis to Ryan. NPH won a Emmy for this guest starring role season one, but unfortunately he didn't come back at all last season.

Likelihood of Return: Medium -- Ryan's original intent to cut arts funding for the glee club matches up well with Sue's current political campaign. Since this is "Glee," he could either come back still reformed by Will's guidance or completely in line with Sue's vision (can we say Campaign Manager?)

John Stamos (Dr. Carl Howell) -- He may have divorced Emma (without ever consummating the marriage, poor guy!) but the sexy dentist would be welcomed back into the "Glee" fold.

Likelihood of Return: Medium -- We wouldn't put it past "Glee" to have him make an appearance to shake up the Emma and Will union sometime this season.

Cheyenne Jackson (Dustin Goolsby) -- Jackson is the biggest wasted opportunity "Glee" has had with a guest. The Broadway star's turn as the slutty, ear-piece wearing Vocal Adrenaline coach was funny, but not once did he get to show off his pipes. He needs to come back just to sing a single song, blow everyone away, and then storm off into the sunset.

Likelihood of Return: Small -- With Groff taking over his role at VA, and with "30 Rock" filming, we probably won't see Dustin again any time soon.

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