Chris Colfer Writing Next Movie, Calls 'Glee' Virginity Episode 'Huge'
Chris Colfer Writing Next Movie, Calls 'Glee' Virginity Episode 'Huge'

Admitted 'Workaholic' Talks Firsts: Novel, Film Writing, Getting 'Kind of Attacked' at Gay Bar

In the second episode of the season a lot of what was going on with Kurt seemed to reflect on what you've gone through as a professional, like the fact that Kurt knows how to use sai swords or the idea that you write stories you want instead of waiting to be cast in a role. Do you think Kurt will follow in your footsteps this season?
I don't know! As soon as I read that, when Burt says "You're going to have to write your own stuff," I thought, "Is that the writers paying tribute to me? I'm confused!" (Laughs) But we'll see, I'd love for him to do that. Hopefully not too similar to what I'm doing in my real life, that would be too on the nose.

Also in that episode we got to see a lot of the conflict in Blaine, as a gay character, being able to pass for straight to get a role that Kurt wasn't able to get. Is that a challenge between them that will continue this season? That situation was very unique to that couple on the show.
It was definitely a really fun situation, and not something every couple has to go through. No one else has to fight over a role in the school play. I think that's so much water under the bridge right now, but I think Kurt will still try and find a way to get into NYADA. I'm anxious to see what he comes up with.

What should he do?
Well he's definitely running for student council, and I think he's having a hard time running for President because he's learning that it's hard to run a very honest campaign in politics. He's struggling with that, so we'll see where that takes him.

He seems a little screwed right now with everyone else throwing their hat in the race. With Rachel in particular, do you think the relationship can be repaired at this point?
I think so, I hope so. I mean, I know. So I can't say anything. (Laughs) But I agree, he is kind of getting screwed. I'm sure as much as he wants to strap on that leather skirt that Brittany wore in her number, it probably wouldn't go as well for him. I think Kurt really is the best candidate, of all the candidates he'd really do the best job as president, but him trying to get the world to believe that, especially in a high school environment, is going to be a challenge.

I know you've been pushing for a secret controversial plot line that hasn't appeared on "Glee" yet, any luck so far this season getting it to happen?
We'll see, I don't know. It definitely hasn't happened yet. Maybe in the next coming month. I really hope so, it would be a great plot, if not for me then another character.

How are you spending your free time now that your movie is finished and your first novel is turned in?
I'm doing my next feature, which nothing has been announced about it yet, and the book is done but I'm being anal and going through it. Fine tuning and making sure everything is perfect.

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I saw the book ("The Land of Stories") described as "Shrek" meets "Chronicles of Narnia," would you say that's accurate?
Yeah, that's a very good description. I would actually add "Wizard of Oz" in the mix too. It's out August 7th, 2012. I'm so impatient, I can't wait. I'm almost like "why is it taking so long, why is it taking a year?!" But there's a lot that goes into making a book.

You're filming episode eight right now, what is happening in that episode?
What can I tell you, what can I give away. Well, New Directions are getting ready for Sectionals coming up. Chord Overstreet comes back to join the glee club. Actually I have a huge dance number tomorrow for the Sectionals episode. I hope it's not too hard, because if it's hard we have to rehearse longer.

Do you rehearse the same day as you perform normally?
Sometimes. Usually a day or two before we'll rehearse for five or six hours, but sometimes it's gotten really close that we learn the day before or the morning of. It definitely goes into the short term memory part of your brain.

The holiday episode is also coming up and they just released a duet between you and Darren Criss, "Let It Snow." Will that be filmed for the episode?
I'm assuming so. I think "Baby It's Cold Outside" did so well last year they're definitely going to do some kind of bit with it.

I really like the approach on it. Did you have fun in the studio on that?
You know, I haven't even heard it yet, but it was one of the most difficult songs I've ever had to record. There's so much scatting and riffs and runs and that's not really what I do. I'm more of a Broadway, vibrato-for-days type of a singer. It was really a challenge.

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When you do songs like that do you record with the duet partner or alone?
Oh no, every time we do everything we're always by ourselves.

Do you like working by yourself?
Absolutely! I love being by myself that way the only person who can judge me is the person working the controls in the studio.

A lot of your costars have been in music videos in the last couple months, are there any you'd want to guest star in?
Not really, it's so cool to see them in them but that's not really something I've thought of as an option. I mean, if Gaga calls me, I'm there.

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