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Odd Future's Left Brain Hit With Lawsuit by Photographer

November 7: Photographer Amy Harris files a police report against Odd Future's Left Brain after an assault on October 30th at the Voodoo Experience in New Orleans.

Photographer Amy Harris has opted to file a police report against Vyron Turner, better known as Odd Future member Left Brain, after the rapper allegedly struck the journalist during a performance at Voodoo Experience in New Orleans on Oct. 30.

Although she has not discussed the specific charges lodged against Turner, Harris has issued a statement citing Odd Future's lack of accountability and anonymous threats as the reasons why she chose to contact the police one week after the incident occurred:

"It is my understanding that a police report I filed in New Orleans on Friday has now become public knowledge and is being reported on various websites," writes Harris. "At this time, I do not wish to discuss the filing of the police report other than to say that, upon further reflection of events of the past week, it is something I needed to do. The week's events have been extremely upsetting and culminated with an email from an unidentified person threatening to kill me and rape me and my family. While it is certainly possible that the email came from an overzealous fan of Odd Future, and not from the group itself, it has become clear to me that this is a matter for the police."

During the Oct. 30 performance, Left Brain reportedly began shoving and throwing water on photographers covering the concert while Odd Future leader Tyler, The Creator told the crowd how much the group disliked concert photographers. The situation escalated until Left Brain allegedly slapped Harris across the face and knocked her camera to the ground.

After the incident occurred, Odd Future's rep issued a statement denying the physical contact and explaining that the rapper "took a swipe at a few cameras" with no intention of hurting any photographers. "There simply is no truth to the accusation floating around the internet," the group's rep told Billboard.com.

However, a photo journalist on the scene issued a statement last week that describes Turner as acting aggressively and intending to attack the photographers on hand. ""Turner immediately exploded into his vile hatred of photographers with a long string of obscenities, and then hit one male photographer first -- breaking his Nikon 70-200mm lens," says photographer Skip Bolen. "A split second later [he] hit the female photographer Amy Harris in front of me -- it was clearly assault and battery."

Before she contacted the police, Harris issued a statement on Nov. 1 saying that she was "disheartened" to learn that Odd Future was denying the physical attack -- a move she suggested could lead to legal action. "After he so publicly attacked me, I truly believed that an apology would be immediately forthcoming, which is why I declined to press charges at that time," said Harris. "The unexpected turn of events, including an attack by Odd Future on my credibility and motives for discussing the incident, have caused me to re-evaluate my initial decision."

Odd Future's Gold Wang tour wraps up Tuesday night in Tempe, Ariz.