Listen: Rebecca Black's Criminally Fun New Single, 'P.O.I.'
Listen: Rebecca Black's Criminally Fun New Single, 'P.O.I.'

After turning to more serious fare with her second single "My Moment," "Friday" star Rebecca Black has returned with a new single, "Person Of Interest (P.O.I.)," that plays out like an episode of "Law & Order," which is always a fantastic way to describe a pop single. The 14-year-old's latest opus was posted online on Monday (Nov. 14).

Over a jaunty pop-rock instrumental, Black re-imagines the concept of Cascada's "Evacuate The Dancefloor" by singing about "a crime scene on the dancefloor" caused by a boy who's giving her alluring glances. The young lad's crime? Involuntary heartbreak, of course.

"There's a chalk line on the dancefloor/in the shape of my heart," Black laments in the second verse.

"P.O.I." is now available on iTunes, and the official "P.O.I." t-shirt, which reads "Do You Have a P.O.I.?", is on sale through Black's official website. "Friday," Black's breakout viral hit, currently has 6.2 million YouTube views -- the clip did have 160 million views before it was briefly removed from YouTube in June -- while its follow-up, "My Moment," has 28.9 million views.

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