Weekly Chart Notes: 'Glee' Cast, Lady Gaga, Brantley Gilbert
Weekly Chart Notes: 'Glee' Cast, Lady Gaga, Brantley Gilbert

This week " Glee" reminds us that even when the songs are fun, the laughs are solid and there's a meaningful plotline, it doesn't all add up to a good episode. Sure, we hummed along to the mash-ups, giggled at Sue's return, and are left with many emotional questions over Santana and Finn's encounters, but the parts don't make a coherent whole. And there were a whole lot of parts to slog through to the payoff -- a slap heard 'round the fan community.

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We begin with Puck, letting us know that he's in love with Shelby after their kiss two episodes ago, and does so in typical "Glee" fashion -- with a fantasy musical sequence set to "Hot For Teacher." At first you think the "Glee" kids are just wearing awful outfits as per usual (Blaine's tie, in particular, is not a far cry from anything he's worn this season) but then you realizes it's an '80s throwback dream sequence the segues into a choir room performance. Kurt's bemused and horrified face says it all, as Mike and Blaine engage in some risque dance moves and mock-fencing to back up Puck, with Finn on drums. Mr. Schue leaps up at the end, extremely pleased, possibly misinterpreting that they were hot for him, as the teacher, and not Shelby. In your dreams, Will.

"Glee" integrates Sue Sylvester back into the mix via amazingly ridiculous campaign ads that smear Burt Hummel as having a baboon heart, and later as being married to a donkey. While Burt and Will are taking the high road, eventually all the muckraking has very real consequences. But we'll get to that later. For now, we want to pat the editor tasked with those faux commercials very heartily on the back. The show has blossomed for lack of Sue recently, but this was the perfect dose of her insanity.

Sectionals are fast approaching and ignoring the much touted in previous seasons numerical requirement for competition, apparently both New Directions and Troubletones will compete. Will and Shelby decide to throw a mash-off, a mash-up competition between the two groups, which the pair announce by singing a horrendous mash-up of Lady Gaga's "You and I" with the 1982 Eddie Rabbitt and Crystal Gayle duet by the same name. We stand with Brittney's quote, "Is this what having a stroke feels like?" We just don't agree with liking the feeling.

While Puck tries to seduce Shelby with the gift of a mini pumpkin and the compelling argument that they're both hot and Beth needs a dad, back in the choir room the group starts planning their mash-up based on bands that have stuck together through the long run.