Karmin to 'Crash Your Party' With New Video, Album: Watch

Karmin to 'Crash Your Party' With New Video, Album: Watch

Karmin have a right to be giddy these days. The engaged pop/hip-hop duo Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan hit up the American Music Awards on Sunday with their crystal statue in hand (for a new media award) and told Billboard that fans can expect a video for their first single, "Crash Your Party," in December.

"And the album will be coming out in February," Noonan said in a bubbly red carpet chat. His fiancee chimed in, saying that "We're doing a big TV show as well but we can't tell you what it is!"

Heidemann told us there will be "a lot of rapping" on the upcoming album. "We're very excited about it," Noonan beamed.

The Berklee College of Music-educated couple were also excited that their name was spelled right on their award, which they received at the American Music Conference on Nov. 18.

"We're ecstatic right now because we got a crystal statue and it says our name on it," Heidemann told us. "When they told us we'd won an award, we were like 'Oh, maybe they spelled the name wrong or this is an accident.'"

Noonan: "Do you mean, Katy Perry?"

Interview Conducted by Billboard's @Keith_Caulfield.