We the Kings Debut 'Say You Like Me' Interactive Video

We the Kings Debut 'Say You Like Me' Interactive Video

We The Kings' new video could be a real game-changer. The interactive video for "Say You Like Me," released on Vevo on Tuesday (Nov. 22), allows viewers to take control of the band members to save their love interest from a kidnapping. To reach the end, they must play through sequences in the style of video games ranging from "Mortal Kombat" to "Wii Sports."

"We've grown up in the world of gaming," the band's Travis Clark told Billboard.com. "It's one of those ideas that you think, right off the bat, 'It's going to be impossible.' We ended up making this music video that honestly believe might change the music video world forever."

It's the second such project from S-Curve Records, which connected with Israeli tech startup Interlude to previously release Andy Grammar's interactive "Keep Your Head Up" last year. We The Kings spent a week in Tel Aviv filming the video's green-screen footage and dreaming of the finished product.

"You have no idea what the green screen's going to turn into," Clark said. "It's exciting, it let our imagination run free for the week that we were there. It was just really cool to see all the behind-the-scenes of how something like that is actually run."

Fans will be able to compare scores online, with Clark hoping that the video's unique elements -- not to mention the music -- keep them coming back.

"Kids are going to look at this and they're going to want to show their friends," he said. "They're going to watch it a thousand times. There's a thousand different ways the video could end."

Those looking for just one way to see the group can catch them offline and on the road with Demi Lovato on their current national tour. The group's latest album, "Sunshine State of Mind," was released in July.