Mike Posner Returns with 'Sex' Single, 2012 Album
Mike Posner Returns with 'Sex' Single, 2012 Album

Pop singer-songwriter Mike Posner issued "Looks Like Sex," the first single off his upcoming sophomore album "Sky High," on Tuesday (Nov. 29). The follow-up to last year's "31 Minutes To Takeoff" is currently slated for an early 2012 release.

"Looks Like Sex" utilizes the same slinky electro-pop heard earlier this year on Jason Derulo's own sophomore effort, "Future History," with Posner trying to convince a young lady that he's the one for her with a collection of "Ayo's" and "Ooh's." The second line of the song -- "Yeah I see your nose ring/Might as well be a bullseye" -- is a bit perplexing, but the beat crackles underneath Posner's crooning.

"31 Minutes To Takeoff" featured Posner's breakout hit "Cooler Than Me," which climbed to No. 6 on the Hot 100 last summer, as well as "Please Don't Go" and "Bow Chicka Wow Wow." "Looks Like Sex" will be shipped to radio this week and go on sale at digital retailers on Dec. 6 in anticipation of "Sky High's" release. A new mixtape, "The Layover," was also released on Nov. 20.

Posner has a handful of December concert dates in Singapore and the Philippines before returning to the U.S. on Dec. 31 for the Red Bull Sound Clash in Miami.

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