Taylor Swift Debuts 'Ours' Video: Watch

Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift's "Ours" video is all yours.

Billboard's Woman of the Year debuted the new video on Friday. The video features Taylor Swift out of princess mode, donning office-appropriate clothes for a dull cubicle shift. She gets through the day by watching home videos of herself and an absent boyfriend, who makes a return by the song's end.

The video was helmed by director Declan Whitebloom, who handled Swift's "Mean" video as well.

"When Taylor says 'I've got an idea,' you listen to what she's gonna say," He told E! News. "And so I did, and it was a great idea--and I loved it!"

The track appears on the bonus edition of Swift's "Speak Now." The singer, who covers this week's issue of Billboard, was honored at today's annual Women in Music event.

Watch Taylor Swift's "Ours" video below: