'X Factor': Top 5 Take on Two Songs Each, Simon Wants A Nicole Voodoo Doll
'X Factor': Top 5 Take on Two Songs Each, Simon Wants A Nicole Voodoo Doll

Melanie's choice was Whitney Houston's "When You Believe," a song which fits perfectly into her style and vocal range. Although because the song was so perfect, L.A. said it was predictable: "Safe, but amazing." Paula gave Melanie the best compliment of all, saying, "When I close my eyes, I hear Whitney, I hear Mariah, I can hear all the greats and it's amazing."

Video: Melanie Amaro, "When You Believe"

After being in the bottom two twice, a lot is riding on Marcus's every note, but his final song for the night was a standard, dry version of Donny Hathaway's "A Song For You," a performance which Paula and Nicole raved about, but Simon said didn't have him "jumping out of his chair." He continued, "I thought you were much more comfortable on the first song. It was a bit boring."

Video: Marcus Canty, "A Song For You"

Rachel sang Michael Jackson's "Music and Me" (because Fox clearly has a mega-MJ rights deal worked out) and L.A. was most impressed that she had selected the song for herself. "I really love how you see yourself," he said. "Your vision is inspiring." Both of her performances were equally great, and the judges raved.

Video: Rachel Crow, "Music and Me"

Josh returned to what works for him with a raw, powerful cut of the Beatles' "Something," to which L.A. responded, "Thank God you had a second song today, because that is the Josh I love." Nicole praised her only remaining contestant, saying that Josh is "the male Adele" because he has "the Krajcik Magic." (Can we all cross our fingers and hope that, somehow, she becomes his publicist?)

Video: Josh Krajcik, "Something"

Chris Rene has the final word last night, singing an original song, complete with previously-unknown guitar skills. As is always the case with Chris, his original music helped him strike gold, and the judges overwhelmed with praise. "The sky's the limit with you baby, that was amazing," complimented Nicole. Simon dragged his critique out, debating whether Chris's decision to sing an original track was "stupid" or "genius," finally landing on, "that was a stroke of genius."

Video: Chris Rene, "Where Do We Go From Here"

Tonight's elimination, airing at 8 p.m. EST of Fox, episode will send four contestants on to semi-finals, and one contestant packing. Who do you think had the best performance last night and who should be going home today? Sound off in the comments below!