Bon Jovi Defies Death Rumors With Facebook Photo

Bon Jovi Defies Death Rumors With Facebook Photo

Jon Bon Jovi's still livin' -- on a prayer or otherwise.

The rocker squashed an Internet death rumor on Monday with a new photo of himself on the band's Facebook page.

"Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey," he joked on a sheet of paper dated Dec. 19 and held up in the photo. He appears in front of a lavishly ornamented Christmas tree.

According to the Los Angels Times' L.A. Now blog, the erroneous report from the site Dailynewbloginternational "appears to have copied" the newspaper's 2009 story on the death of Michael Jackson.

Not only is Bon Jovi alive and well, his band and its top-grossing tours aren't slowing down, either. The rocker recently graced Billboard's October cover, saying that it's his "passion" which has driven the group's successful multi-decade career.

"The intent wasn't that I picked up a guitar to make money," he said at the time . "I loved the idea of learning to play and perform, and then when I chose it as a career path, it was only for the passion. The by-product of that was we were very successful and, subsequently, not only earned but kept our money, as opposed to so many other artists you read about that weren't as lucky."