Mike Love: Beach Boys Reunion Will Be 'Amazing'

The Beach Boys are set to reunite with a new album and tour to celebrate the band's 50th anniversary, and member Mike Love says being in the studio again has been "thrilling."

"I'm looking forward to getting together with Brian, writing something together again," Love told Rolling Stone. "His musical nature is so phenomenal. Even doing the background vocals we did in the studio recently, he was just sitting at the piano and stretching those chords the way he does spontaneously. It's just amazing."

Wilson has enjoyed a productive period in recent years, releasing a re-recorded version of "SMiLE" in 2004, tributes to Gershwin and Disney and several albums of new original material. According to Love, Wilson's current band will be joining the reunited Beach Boys on the road.

" Brian Wilson has an incredible band. We're using most of his band. And we've got [current Beach Boys touring] drummer John Cowsill and our guitarist, Scott Totten. We're kind of blending things together. I think, musically, it's going to be incredible," Love said.

He said that they've "not done much" on a new album yet and are in the planning stages of a tour that will begin with the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Fest in April.

"The idea is to do four or five shows a week" before heading to Europe, Love said. "I'm hoping that we'll do places associated with summer."

And as for group's past difficulties, Love says after 50 years, they're ready for "Fun, Fun, Fun" all over again.

"A lot of the ups and downs were as the result of other people's incursions, I would say, whether it be a Murry Wilson or a Dr. Landy, you know. Everybody's getting along great," he told Rolling Stone.