'Glee' Cast: Changes in Store for 2012

'Glee' Cast: Changes in Store for 2012

New Themes, Big Solos & Dianna Agron Tells Us Quinn Will 'Leave Her Evil Ways Behind'

While there may still be two weeks of "Glee" left in 2011, the cast and crew are already looking ahead to the new year at McKinley High. Fans can expect more themed episodes when the show returns in 2012, according to executive music producer Adam Anders.

"We've spent a lot of time building the stories this year, starting out with that and introducing some new characters," he said. "Now creatively the momentum's building."

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Anders already tackled some thematic elements this season with the inclusion of "West Side Story" across many of the first episodes. He described them as "unbelievably challenging."

"The West Side Story stuff was some of the most interesting, deep arrangements we had to try to recreate," Anders said. "That was a lot of work with very little time, and it's Leonard Bernstein! We never want the quality to suffer because we're on a schedule, it just means less sleep. It was really rewarding, West Side Story is my favorite musical and I wanted to make sure I didn't ruin it."

Newcomer Damian McGinty told Billboard.com that the group, "just started filming episode 10, which is after Christmas."

"The new semester is starting for us now," he continued. "We're kind of finding out as we get the script, so who knows what songs we might have."

While McGinty might not know his musical future, co-star Dianna Agron revealed that she just got word on a new number that she described as "a really exciting song I never thought I'd be singing." She was reluctant to spill further info, only going as far as confirming it wasn't a Broadway number or a country tune.

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Agron's character Quinn has had a rocky season, attempting to steal back the daughter she gave up for adoption after ditching and reclaiming her preppy attitude. Agron told us that she's finally starting to "leave her evil ways behind."

"She's starting to realize this could and should be the best time of her high school experience," Agron said. "She's finding the light at the end of the tunnel."

Harry Shum Jr. also dropped hints of a potential new solo in the new year, but was mum on details. Likewise, executive music producer Anders talked about upcoming appearances by Ricky Martin and Gloria Estefan, but had no solid decisions on what the pair will sing.

McGinty, who joined the show this season after being named co-winner of "The Glee Project," a reality competition for aspiring Glee stars, said there's hope for his character to get a love interest since his attempts at wooing cheerleader Brittany were crushed in his first episode.

"At the end of the Christmas episode there's a little hint that he might have a girlfriend on Valentine's day, so who knows," he said. "I hope so, all the girls of 'Glee' are gorgeous."