Adele 'Artist of the Year' Q&A: 'My Career Isn't My Life'
Adele 'Artist of the Year' Q&A: 'My Career Isn't My Life'

Talks Love, Fame & Her Plan to 'Disappear' Until She's Good & Ready

Adele owned 2011. The kicky, 23-year-old British singer released her second album, the break-up requiem "21," in February, and in barely 11 months, she has already sold more than any artist in the world, currently inching towards 13 million globally. But it wasn't just heartbreak that made her popular. In contemporary music, Adele is one of a kind, a woman who thrives off no bells and whistles, just pure personality and talent (and the ability to make the toughest curmudgeon cry).

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Despite it all, Adele has been living in exile, of sorts. After having surgery to remove a benign polyp from her throat, she was not allowed so speak for weeks, never mind sing -- and, as readers of her blog know, she wasn't quite feeling it. We emailed her a few days before she was nominated for six Grammys (by which she expects to be vocally recovered) to discuss her latest live DVD, her astronomical success and, naturally, true love.