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The Knife Goes To The Opera

The Knife Goes To The Opera
It's shaping up to be a busy year for Swedish electro-pop outfit the Knife, which is presently working on the score for a Danish Opera about Charles Darwin, titled "Tomorrow, In a Year."

The piece is slated to debut in September, with the music possibly serving as the follow-up to the Knife's breakthrough 2006 album, "Silent Shout."

"I think it will be a CD, if it turns out well," the Knife's Karin Dreijer Andersson tells Billboard.com. "It's a very interesting subject. I don't think our albums have been very similar, and this will definitely be something else."

Andersson recently released her first solo album, under the name Fever Ray. Currently available in only digital formats, the self-titled 10-song set will be released physically March 24 on Mute.

"I think I wanted to do something slower, and more monotone, than I had done before," Andersson says of the project, which was inspired by the Jim Jarmusch film "Dead Man" and Tomahawk's "Anonymous" album. "I worked every day from morning until afternoon. It was a very intense period of time."

"Fever Ray" was recorded over the course of a year, which Andersson confesses is probably the quickest she's ever worked. "At first it was a little bit scary," she says, "But when I got into it a couple of months later, it was very nice to not to have to compromise anything [and ]really go into the craft without anyone else interfering."

Andersson will take Fever Ray on the road for a short run of eight shows in Scandinavia, beginning March 19.