Terry Riley's landmark minimalist composition "In C" will be reissued March 24 on Sony Classical in celebration of its 45th anniversary.

In addition, the piece will be performed April 24 at New York's Carnegie Hall by Riley and some of the participants from the original 1964 recording.

This edition, which Sony Classical says is the first remastering from the original session tapes, is part of a new branded series through Sony Classical, Carnegie Hall Presents. New liner notes feature interviews with Riley and the supporting musicians.

"In C" comprises 53 short musical phrases which can be repeated ad infinitum, leading to performances as long as four hours. The musicians choose which phrase to play and for how long, making each performance unique.

The piece, named for its constant pulse of C notes on the piano, was a huge influence on the future work of composers Philip Glass and Steve Reich, the latter of whom participated in its first performance.