Live Nation: No Deal Pending With Janet Jackson

Despite rampant speculation to the contrary, Live Nation has not signed a multi-rights or long term deal with Janet Jackson, according to a company spokesperson.

Multiple online reports in the past few days have stated that Jackson has likely followed the course recently taken by established stars such as Madonna, U2 and Jay-Z and signed a 360-deal with Live Nation Artists.

"We have not signed a deal with Janet, nor are we currently in discussions with the artist," says John Vlautin, senior VP of communications for Live Nation.

After just 14 months on Island Def Jam, Jackson departed the label last September. According to Jackson's publicist at the time, IDJ agreed to dissolve their relationship with the artist at her request.

After a long stint with Virgin, Jackson inked a deal with Island in July 2007 and released her label debut, "Discipline," in February 2008. When album sales failed to meet expectations, the singer expressed dissatisfaction with IDJ.

A Live Nation-promoted tour last year was a box office disappointment, with Jackson scrapping a number of shows due to illness.