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Jazmine Sullivan Tuning Into Acting

Jazmine Sullivan Tuning Into Acting
With "Lions, Tigers & Bears" -- the third single form her debut album, "Fearless" -- climbing the charts, going 0-for-5 at this year's Grammy Awards did not phase Jazmine Sullivan.

"I'm not at all upset," the Philadelphia singer and songwriter, who was nominated for best new artist and in five R&B categories, tells "Everybody who was nominated pretty much was deserving. I have a long career ahead of me, so this is not my last Grammys, hopefully."

Sullivan is looking forward to conquering another world this year, however -- acting. In April she'll fly to Prague to start shooting "Red Tails," director Anthony Hemingway's Tuskegee Airmen story. "I play a singer who entertains soldiers," reports Sullivan, who will appear alongside current touring partner Ne-Yo. "I'm really just entertainment for them, but I kind of get a little relationship going with one of them. So that's very exciting.

"I used to act when I was younger, in little plays," adds Sullivan, who attended Philadelphia's Creative and Performing Arts high school. "It never was really a passion of mine. It's just something I did and I could do. Anything where I can be creative, I like to do."

Sullivan also has a TV project brewing but says she can't reveal details yet.

She's not yet sure about a fourth single from "Fearless," however, and a second album appears to be on the back burner at the moment. "I haven't discussed it with the label [Atlantic]," Sullivan says. "They aren't pressuring me yet. I think we all are trying to get ('Fearless') hear worldwide. But I am thinking of songs these days.

"I took a break (from writing). I didn't have an inspiration or anything like that for a little while. But now it's starting to come to me. I don't like to force things; as they come to me, I put the ideas down and...roll from there."