Five Canadian Acts Burning Their Way To International Acclaim

Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees
Album: Self -titled
Label: Youth Club
Self managed

Take a group of Halifax musicians intent on making dance music with a rock influence. Add singer/songwriter Rebekah Higgs and the result is a kind of pulsing, intelligent and yes, danceable, music that makes the floor move and puts a swing in the feet of indie kids as well. Thought Higgs’ vocals are put through an array of effects designed to modulate and distort her singing, she comes off as the star here, a diva in the making. Top it off with the fact the band seems to be taking great enjoyment in the show – dressing up, instead of just wearing the indie-kid uniform of jeans and shirts – and you have an act that could blast its way out of the clubs.
Also worth watching is Higgs, who put out a guitar-heavy solo album in 2007 and is working on the follow-up. Higgs is also playing a showcase during Canadian Music Week.