Five Canadian Acts Burning Their Way To International Acclaim

Jenn Grant
Album: “Echoes”
Label: Six Shooter
Management: Shauna de Cartier

Halifax’s Jenn Grant comes across like a jazzier version of Aimee Mann. Initially part of the orch-pop band The Heavy Blinkers, Grant released her first solo EP in 2005. She followed it up two years later with “Orchestra for the Moon,” for which she filmed a video of the track “Dreamer.” Her latest, “Echoes,” hit stores in February and features Grant’s smoky vocals over well-constructed, carefully crafted songs. Characterized as a break-up album, the dark overtones of Grant’s voice and matched by an often minimal approach to the arrangements. Strings and brass instruments slide in and out, always finding their place in support of Grant’s often understated delivery. Given the multi-platinum success of Feist, it isn’t hard to envision music fans embracing Grant’s own tastefully crafted songs.