Five Canadian Acts Burning Their Way To International Acclaim

Album: Self-titled
Label: Pheromone Recordings/Universal Music Canada
Management: Sebastien Nasra, Avalanche Productions

Montreal’s Beast has captured the imagination of Canadians (and fans abroad via several European record licensing deals) with what one pundit called “Portishead meets Rage Against the Machine.” The band is the creation of composer/drummer Jean-Phi Goncalves, and vocalist Beatrice Bonifassi, best known for her work with DJ Champion and on the soundtrack of the “The Triplets of Belleville,” .” Featuring a heavy disco stomp with the vocals of Bonifassi, Beast’s self-titled debut has come out of nowhere to become a surprise success. Combing everything from rap to soul, and jazz to funk, Beast’s eclectic nature forces listeners to approach their sound with an open mind.