C-Murder To Remain Jailed On Murder Charge

C-Murder To Remain Jailed On Murder Charge
A Louisiana judge has ordered the rapper once known as C-Murder to remain in jail for allegedly breaking the rules of his house arrest.

Authorities testified Wednesday that they lost a signal from rapper Corey Miller's monitor device for about 10 minutes early Monday.

Miller is scheduled for trial April 20 on a second-degree murder charge in the death of 16-year-old Steve Thomas during a 2002 brawl at a nightclub in Harvey. As a condition of his $500,000 bond, he was restricted to his grandmother's home.

Attorney Ron Rakosky claimed the 37-year-old was home sleeping and there was an equipment malfunction that caused the loss of signal.

Miller has generally used the name C-Miller since his arrest. He has a new CD and has written a novel.