Slip-N-Slide CEO Not Surprised Rick Ross Tops Chart
Slip-N-Slide CEO Not Surprised Rick Ross Tops Chart

“We’re going to act like we didn’t hear that,” an unimpressed Ross said during a radio show interview about the comeback. “We gonna give him 48 hours to come up with another one.”

A few days later, 50 posted another video, which warned, “There’s nobody in control of me. I do what I want to do. Rick Ross, I’m-a fuck your life up, for fun. You’re gonna really understand how resourceful I am.”

At the beginning of February, Ross released the video for “Mafia Music,” in which he flaunts his mansion, cars, jewelry and handgun, among other things; he also put out another diss track, “Kiss My Pinky Ring.”

Despite the apparent animosity behind the feud, Ross says “Deeper Than Rap” isn’t an angry album. Other tracks include the reggae-tinged “Yacht Club”; “Lay Back,” with vocals from Robin Thicke; and “Bossy Lady,” which features Ne-Yo and may be the third single.

While IDJ’s Atlas says the beef may help sales, he isn’t relying on it to promote “Deeper Than Rap.” A strong viral campaign featuring videos of Ross doing everything from recording a track in the studio to sending direct messages to fans has also taken off on Ross’ site,, bolstering the banner ad campaigns on other sites like, and, among others.

To hear Ross talk, it sounds as though the video for “Cold Blood” just metaphorically buried 50 himself—not their feud. “Money doesn’t make me—I make the money,” he says. “That applies to my opposition. If you rely on your money, you’re engaging in something that won’t work. If you aren’t making music that people want to hear or are in the streets with the people, you’re going to run out of things to do. Cartoons can only take you so far.”

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