Electrik Red

R&B quartet Electrik Red is changing the face of girl power.

On the group's satirically titled debut album, "How To Be A Lady Vol. 1," due out on May 26 via Radio Killa/Def Jam, Naomi Allen, Sarah Rosete, Kyndra "Binkie" Reevey and Lesley Lewis are creating their own brand of urban pop with their provocative lyrics and raunchy get-ups.

"The great thing about Electrik Red and this whole ‘how to be a lady’ concept is that there are so many sides to us and to women," says Reevey. "That’s what’s great about the album -- there’s so many different sounds in the group and it comes out in our music, which is what we want."

Lewis, Reevy and Rosete met while back-up dancers for Usher and Ciara (they can be seen in Ciara’s "Like A Boy" video), and immediately gelled. It wasn’t until the group was formed that Rosete asked if her friend Allen, another dancer, can be the final member. The four instantly clicked.

"It all fit together like a puzzle. We stowed away for a week and vibed and sang together. We’ve been a group ever since," says Lewis.

Still, despite all of the connections that the girls had to the music industry through their dancing pasts, they refused to use those to break out on their own until they were completely ready. "It was more than just taking the easy route; it was about coming out with a quality product before we called on people we respect," says Allen. "We had high standards so we waited until we had it right. We were very critical of ourselves."

It wasn’t until February last year, during an impromptu dinner with the late Shakir Stewart that the girls revealed their act. "The truth is we were starving and we didn’t have money," says Allen. "We were like, ‘who can take four girls to dinner? Who has a check?’ Shakir Stewart was that person. We did a little show and tell and we we’re prepared." 24-hours later they were signed to the Radio Killa/Def Jam.

Featuring executive production from Tricky Stewart and Terius "The-Dream" Nash, "How To Be A Lady Vol. 1" was recorded in two weeks in Las Vegas. The album features songs like the promotional single "Drink In My Cup," the lead single, "So Good," which is currently No. 60 on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts, and "Devotion," a song about "being in love with somebody and letting them know that you’re vulnerable, in a positive way," says Allen. "Kill Bill," a song about a cheating boyfriend, and Bedrest" also appear on the set.

Currently, Electrik Red is on the stateside "I Am Music" tour alongside Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Gym Class Heroes and Keri Hilson. As for the rest of the marketing campaign? "World Domination!" says Reevey. "Electrik Red Wheaties, Electrik Red panties. [We plan to] just work this album and get a lot of people interested and invested in Electrik Red. We’re taking over!"